Smart marketers know it is better to be on Google’s team than it is to be their opposition. Some smart marketers were, well, outsmarted by the media juggernaut since their 2012 launch of a major SEO overhaul.

But one thing that has remained consistently powerful and solid is their Adwords offering. It is a system that allows brands to promote their content as it tied to specific keywords. 2014 was a great year for companies harnessing Adwords. The below search engine rank will give new and old Adword users a chance to explore new options and best the competition leading into 2015.

Use Both Description Lines: Google only gives users two lines to pad out what they are offering. Take advantage of both. The only exception in these seo tips is if the ad is highly specialized and specific. For example it is a new event announcement or the launch of a single new product.

Call to Action: What does the ad want users to do? Sometimes it is not enough too simply offer a nice price on a new product. There should always be an announcement of something that encourages action. Try to fulfill a need that the user may have, because people are inherently looking out for themselves. This will be played directly off the keyword, of course.

Stay Away from ‘Click Here’ Offers: With that said, it could be too much to simply ask a user to ‘click here.’ It comes across as begging, and few people find the offer enticing or original. Try to wow and surprise the user to encourage clickthroughs, such as ‘Complete the mystery’ or ‘free.’ Both are non-traditional spins on the famous call to action marketing approach.

Price Tag It: Many Adword marketers do not want to put their price because they feel it may discourage clicks. But the price should be added right there if the keyword is extremely specific. ‘Cheap vacuum cleaners’ may warrant a price tag right in the headline. On the other hand, ‘Toronto car washes’ may not be as relevant in regards to the price. People simply want a service- the cost is secondary.

There are so many ways to implement Adwords that it can become quite staggering. Adwords can draw a lot of online traffic, but poor ads will just be a waste of time and energy. Research new and exciting online marketing resources to create a plan of attack that hits 2015 hard and fast.

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