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After the problem is that the government revenue, did not provide a perfect social security system for the society, share in the total expenditure for the livelihood of the people is not big, therefore, compared with high earners, low-income didn't benefit from public spending more. When the government rich to a certain extent, must and can provide equally and perfect social security system, and now our local government has super rich (yell, lack of money, because money), cannot and should not be taking economic construction as the center, make what of trillions of dollars in investment and financing platform. Second, let the public participate in soe profit share out bonus. The day of the state-owned enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, in recent years is booming, more profits into billions each year. State-owned enterprises exist, or stick to public ownership as the main body in the process of reform, because it can achieve the goal of getting rich together. Buy Hermes Belt the actual situation on the contrary, more than 30 years, we insist on the public ownership as the main body, well Buy Hermes Belt, away from the goal of common prosperity, Buy Hermes Belt more and more far. This is because, the profits of state-owned enterprises, not according to the nature, all turned over to the Treasury, for public spending, including direct to the whole population bonuses, and almost all stay in the enterprise interior, for executives and staff welfare. You know, most of the state-owned enterprises, not on its own skill, Buy Hermes Belt completely by the charter of monopoly money. Therefore, state-owned enterprises should have the benefit of the consciousness of the society. Cannot overemphasize oneself is the enterprise in state-owned enterprises, is a listed company, have their own interests, because they are all, monopoly profits, should not belong to own enterprise. Third, let go of the investment, let all people have equal opportunities to make money. From planned commodity economy to commodity economy to a market economy, more than 30 years, Replica Hermes Belt economic reforms constantly advancing depth, can be in one of the most important investment fields, such as financial, petroleum and petrochemical, telecommunications, etc., Buy Hermes Belt still closed for private investment in. In today Replica Hermes Belt folk have large capital accumulation, there is plenty of talent resources, there is enough with the wisdom of the world monopoly competition, and all of these is in a state of pent-up, have to say this is the biggest waste of resources. If we can open these key areas of investment, excess liquidity, would not be getting rushed into the real estate and insurable property markets calm, more can use universal wisdom, such as high oil prices, the threat of macroeconomic risks, more can increase employment, increase the income of low-income earners. Can do more, such as the reform of the household registration system, the fairness of the university entrance exam, the welfare of the civil service system, etc.
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