The end of the world do not know Zheng Jiahui call his father said: the Dad, I don't really have to hurry to rescue me. The 8230; The 8230; The It contains again? Natural for tianya etc. Not knowing is only a guess, but please you to ask yourself, with conscience Zheng Jiahui why would say such words? And when the reporter asked, why say again: the Some things are not you should ask. The The end of the world can not help but ask, what is it, that is not the reporter to ask, is police station made any gross? The end of the world no matter how many words for Zheng Jiahui said here, his life is no longer exists in this world, for one day, really prove Zheng Jiahui no specialty, but also for Zheng Jiahui is a belated comfort! Bai yansong said: the house quality is no problem Proposed by comrade ren I am a businessman, I am not the poor should be considered. Because investors are let me get the money to make money, not to relief for the poor . Maybe this is his in the contractor's business to be honest, can come up with such a sensitive topic, it serves to show he is has the ability to withstand the pressure of public opinion. The rich and the poor has been living in the same place, but stood two level, between each other are mutually exclusive, but relatively speaking, the rich exclude poor people want too much some. View, no matter who, first is right or wrong, comrade ren can bring up is to let everybody to reference and evaluation, it serves to show he is a businessman to be honest, than some businessmen will only put gun smoke pit to blame others for people much better. View everyone would like to ask you, just he's point of view is wrong. The end of the world to see someone to attack him, the end of the world think that seem to be some unreasonable, you can also put forward the idea to contradict him. Here, it must be clear, and others is not wrong, wrong is just his point of view. But bai yansong said: It's Mr. Ren is it's all business, is also to be honest, as long as he built the house quality is no problem (the effect). May comrade bai yansong said in this s entence, forget their identity, this words from ren mouth say everybody is against to him, yet by comrade bai yansong your lips how again into another layer of meaning, because you are at a China central television (CCTV), bai yansong comrades can be said to be representative of the national people's talk. Everybody's eyes to your alignment, many pairs of eyes looking forward to your answer, and had taken all this hurt and you originally life is troubled people, by the end of the world, it seems, bai yansong han didn't know you clearly some full hungry hungry. For bai yansong with you, is also the part become prosperous first, does the view that ren, is good for yourself, or comrade bai yansong you are ashamed of the poor. Live in rich people's region in the future to show yourself before the poor rich, perhaps bai yansong comrade you planned this, did not but the end of the world thinks, bai yansong comrade, you should be clear that a bit, ren such view, can only make China's polarization between the rich and the poor are more interested, tianya appreciate comrade ren put forward the problem of sharp, but to speak these words from your mouth, is obviously not agree.
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