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Glad I did so, the Burton backpack is large enough for many my college textbooks and supplies with room for clothes for the gym as well as to pack a meal.

I recommend this bag to anyone who wants a pack which is both fashionable and durable. The back is all padded and are also the straps that will stop back pain. Plus it is very large so that it's excellent for every thing. The laptop pocket is padding by using a comfortable material. Whether it's hiking , school or what ever this bag will do it all .

A really affordable, durable and stylish backpack. Comparable to the Herschel in style but will kill it with notebook area inside back and the cabability to store much more. An incredible saturday and sunday travelling bag to easily carry folded clothing or to use for work/school.

Wonderful look. It fits my 15" laptop really well & feels safe. It doesn't match just as much things as another backpacks I've got, considering that the opening is restricted to on top of the sack (it will contains a notebook computer quick-access zipper on the back). However i'm typically stuffing excessive stuff & really give my bags a good beating... Thus far, excellent!! just the thing for getting for my workday or perhaps a hike!!!

This Burton backpacks will be worth all the money which i have paid for it. I having mostly science courses, I have a large quantity of textbooks that I need to bring back and forth to school with me, and i also hardly feel it! Shoulders and back is nicely padding with a luxurious feeling fabric. Once i obtained the bag, I was concerned about how the massive size of it might look on my small body; however, this doesn't look monstrous in my small back by any means! There are huge room yet still be fashionable and functional- two things which are often not associated with each other. I like to recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Several days of stuff suits nicely. Great retro look. I suggest the leather base/bottom. This area has a beating and natural leather suites the bill.

3 dats just after my bag came in my local freinds and I walked towards the Blue Ridge Mountians to hike 7miles and camp out over night. If I hadn't of had this pack my shoulders would have been killed. Though with the broad bands and chest straps to help spread weight it had been wonderful. I now already have it with me on a further trip where it is holding enough garments for twelve whole days. The size, material, and look of it are typical i had expected.

I use it skiing, take it to work, and thinking about use it biking too. Burton backpacks holds its form very well and looks good.

I love this Burton backpack a lot. The colours are vivid along with the pack itself appears to be durable. I'm in college and that i was worried it'd look a bit childish but it is not. The cup slots on the side are fantastic for my drinking water bottle and thermos. We searched all-around & had a budget when we came across this Burton backpacks.
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