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Yes, we have no money, please don't come to the world of big shop sign, but why don't we choose a practical coach? Such as led Iraq won the Asian cup champion vieira or have agreed to the lower salary troussier, they may not obedient, but football is ultimately need to talk with scores. Take a year to bet on dewy yanukovich and vladimir petrovic pizon, for four years a session of Replica Gucci, Gucci Belt football is so extravagant. I just want to say you, you are malicious! This is the blog popular game of musical chairs, inferior to have then, please take seriously, do not be afraid of exposed privacy. 1. Be point to the name on his blog to write down their answers, and then take out the first question, plus a problem, still composed six problems to 10 other people. List ten need to answer this question, the names of the people want to go this 10 personal blog messages notify the other party - you have a calling. Named person shall not refuse to answer this question. Finish the game people will always get everybody's blessing. 2. The 10 men want to be in his own blog indicate where it received from the topic, and to a topic to other 10 people, let the game continue to pass it on. Shall not be returned. Is point to the name of the person will get everybody's blessing, and all the beautiful wishes will be in the near future. 3. Remember don't back to me, no foul. (1) of the person you like is not you in the heart, what will you do? Bai tried to squeeze into her heart. 2. Sad what should I do? Silence or sleep, if you can point of tears. 3. What would you do if you see the zombie eat lollipop? Can't say (cold) ask zombies have not many lollipops, points to eat together. 4. The ideal of the opposite sex? (hey hey, a wry smile angel face, devil's body... As the old. 5. Uh... What should I ask you a question? To bad you don't eat, go to the corner squat down. 6. What's your favorite film and why? Is, of course, harry potter and the order of the phoenix, because saw it together with the horse. To say the most like is supposed to be the movie sleepless in Seattle and notting hill, maybe it's because I yearn for romantic love and have faith toad trying to swallow a swan. My question is do you miss most about a story? I also harm a person good, hey hey! The victim: foam, liao, small eight, Gucci Belt Replica wood, kaka, 69, run, KEYS, flower xihe, hippo federer has scored 10 consecuti Cheap Gucci Belts ve grand slam final, he dominated the men's professional tennis no suspense, the only point is who will be the next to beat him. Rod Replica Gucci Belts dick, nikolay davydenko not, they have to Roger federer 10 in a row; Rafael nadal is a suitable candidate, he is one of the few to Roger federer - much less, but the knee injury and is not very good at hard to let him stop 16. So hopefully beat federer completed online in the United States, also only djokovic now ranks third in the world. If you would like to ask this year's us open good-looking stimulus? Believe that many people shook his head. To the men's singles, in addition to the men's singles final, also didn't have the score of the six games without exception are 3-0. From the perspective of the fans, of course, do not want a one-sided game. Ferrer very fit lost to djokovic, allow this has three consecutive grand slam into the last four serb teenager finally had a chance to have stormed to the throne. Roger federer's semi-final in nikolay davydenko was like completed the set, although experienced little trouble, but look from the score is more relaxed. Fee, and djokovic since the monte carlo masters meet for the first time last year, has had five meetings with federer 4-1 advantage, but the only defeat even as masters final in Montreal, a month ago. 14 when she moved to the professional tennis player novak djokovic great progress this year, also the beginning of the world's 16th he won four titles for this year and the performance of the French open semifinals wimbledon has rocketed to the third, and even some people predicted that he and Roge Fake Gucci Belts r federer, rafael nadal men's tennis situation of the three pillars of the world will be formed. Smaller than federer 6-year-old djokovic with federer also have good physical condition, height 1 meter 87 he is 2 cm taller than federer, two person's weight is 80 kg. Djokovic 52-13 this year, compared with Roger federer (45), the success and failure has more events, frantically competing to help him gain more experience, it's only 3.248 million career prize money, still less than one over ten of the Roger federer, but almost everyone agrees that the young man's future. Federer, of course, hope that like the first three years in Arthur ashe stadium to lift the trophy, and continue to catch up with the legend of the us open win record tilton hope. Is federer sophisticated trophy, djokovic dazed and confused, for people are not too important, because no matter who, who will go down in history. Important is that people want to see a wonderful stimulation of suspense, the U.S. audience such as the ball have been waiting for two weeks.
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