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If the civil servants' pay reform fruit can abandon to official salary, is cleansed of ranking ideas, inspire the working enthusiasm of professional and technical personnel, improve the administrative efficiency, etc have big profit, good governance. Including improve the system of regional additional allowances, of civil servants at the grass-roots level to increase incentives, etc., versace belt replica are all aimed at promoting the industry income fair,. Civil servants income direction is also no problem to match the local Replica Versace Belt, civil servants as a national citizens, its income should be compatible with national and regional economic development level. But these measures even if implemented, also only is a kind of internal fair, not necessarily can get a wider range of people outside of the civil service system. In national income level is generally low, and the civil service career, income is quite stable, and can enjoy social security is relatively perfect, fake versace belt under the conditions of civil servants' pay every time a change, will cause people's suspicion and even frustration. In quite a number of public opinion, civil servant salary every change will rise is the greatest paradox. After foxconn after jumping events in the N workers base salary from 900 yuan to 1200 yuan, public opinion is a positive attitude, and whoever has the news of a salary increase, people immediately make pink eye, this is the reason, foxconn give workers a raise flower is the company's own money, and civil servants not directly to create wealth, every cent of its lawful income comes from the common people pay a shekel. From past experience, the civil servant salary system reform is likely to be a new round of civil service pay rise - never fair to fair is definitely a look upward, officials such as the low level to high level officials, civil servants at the grass-roots level to civil servants, civil servants total wage growth is almost a certainty, and civil servants total payroll growth means that the heavy population burden, mean people income level is relatively lower. So the civil servants salary increase is not only a civil servant own things, on the overall income distribution in the whole society, it is not enough to do the internal fairness, must include external justice, in other words, the civil servants salary increase can't damage the public welfare, especially can't loss is not enough to fill. In theory, to civil servants salary's not his work unit, nor his superior, but his master, shall pay taxes according to law of the people. So in the long run, should set up a by the taxpayer or the taxpayer's representative institutions (such as people's congress) for civil servants income supervision, appraisal and decision system, according to the quality of public service provided by civil servants to determine his wages, this is the fundamental to solve the problem of civil servant salary. By then, regardless of the civil servant salary is higher is lower is a normal phenomenon, people are not as sensitive as rising prices. Vice minister of human resources and social security Hu Xiaoyi 23 had an interview with the Versace Belt government net, in the afternoon to the scene interpretation on social insurance law the relevant issues and answer questions from netizens. Hu Xiaoyi, versace belt cheap according to the social insurance law insists on the unification of fairness and efficiency, right and compulsory phase correspondence, cannot repeat some countries due to excessive welfare have an idle. Hu Xiaoyi vice minister comparing repeat this harsh words to remind us not to on a path to the failure of the welfare state, as if those countries is already full street idlers,
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