No one in the factory to work, no people working in the fields, everyone is waiting for the government to send food, the whole society has stagnated. The real situation it happens? Generous welfare have lazy this view will be popping up from time to time, in recent years even some experts and scholars also claimed that benefits damage social efficiency high, cheap versace belts suggest that Versace Belt cannot follow the western welfare state of social security system. For this misunderstanding, the standing committee of the National People's Congress, the Replica Versace Belt people's university professor Zheng Gongcheng has made profound expose and criticize: I've been to many countries, not only didn't see the morbid, but rather are healthy and civilized. Our social security is one thing to reach such a height, but denied welfare social good and ignore people's demand for welfare growth is the same thing. I haven't been generous welfare state, but I have graduated from a college female students abandon Ming pitch dark, married into the can be Hu Xiaoyi vice minister called fate of Australia. According to her, in Australia, a person from the cradle to the grave, different age can get issued by the government of various benefits, there have been some of the so-called welfare disease, such as some people to receive unemployment benefits, deliberately make mistakes in the work to let the boss fired; Some lovers clearly feeling is very good, also gave birth to children, but don't get married, so that a woman can enjoy single parent allowance of $230 a week. But at the same time the girl told me that in Australia you can't see the unkempt, ragged beggar, also can't see the short arm leg lying in the street no one to take care for the disabled; Rich does not make widely known, poor with dignity, cheap versace belt the whole society is harmonious and orderly; People don't think what's wrong with welfare, the government won't because some people take advantage of the loopholes in the welfare state and cuts to the national welfare. Indolence is human nature, some pipe eat drink is not willing to work, the idea that believes that many people would have. But the pursuit of higher quality of life also is human nature, versace belt cheap this also is the main reason that people are different from animals. Don't deny that our society is prefer to eat low alive rather than own lazy, but the animal survival is only a few people, if you eat low to maintain basic survival and abide by the labor between the two have a choice, believe that the vast majority of people would choose the latter. So, generous welfare idlers is absolutely a false proposition, high welfare is to be able to raise a few lazy, but it is not the whole society is a slob. As for the high benefits harm social efficiency, take this view if it is not nonsense, is not doing full investigation and study. We know the truth is, Sweden, Norway and other northern countries is not only a world recognized generous welfare state, and repeatedly ranked top in the world's most competitive countries. Welfare benefits not only won't harm the social efficiency, but also will become a can improve social efficiency of engine, a lot of people don't have to in order to maintain basic survival to do some repetitive work, lack of technical content so as to fully arouse their creativity, promote social progress. Generous welfare society even if will have a few lazy, but low welfare society will let more people because of the lack of social security in the fear of survival - two evils choose the light, if there is a condition, we would rather choose welfare, also don't lack of welfare. Say here I suddenly feel, now discuss welfare benefits to raise slug is this topic a bit too early, in terms of the present situation, our welfare is not too high, too much, but was low and oligonucleotides, also imbalance. Now say with the national social welfare can't lazy, like to a malnourished people said don't eat too much meat very fatty liver.
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