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While BBQ has been a favorite backyard cuisine for decades, it's slowly eased its way into all types of events. Whether for a wedding or a family reunion, BBQ offers delicious comfort food without the pretentiousness of "modern" catering dishes. Those seeking a way to add a tasty addition to any event should consider hiring a barbecue catering service. Like any other catering service, there are several tips one must follow to ensure they receive the highest quality service, presentation, and most importantly, food.

The most important element when it comes to hiring the best built in bbq service is to identify the primary BBQ style. While cooks may feature their own style, there are generally five types of barbecue styles, which include:

Carolina Style - Identified by its hickory or oak smoke flavor, Carolina style BBQ highlights a peppery vinegar sauce. To get the most authentic flavor, choose a catering service, such as ezbbq, that specializes in its traditional sauce, which features mustard as a primary ingredient.

Kansas City Style - Many believe modern BBQ began in Kansas City, Missouri USA. This style utilized a dry rub of various spices to season meat. Its sauce is identified by its thick consistently highlighted by its sweet flavor. For a true experience, keep the sauce as an optional table sauce.

Memphis Style - Typically, the ribs or pulled pork are cooked via charcoal, which delivers specific flavor profiles. Throughout the cooking process, the meat is basted with a molasses sweetened tomato/pepper sauce. This BBQ style is ideal for those looking for a tender and sauce-rich meat.

Texas Style - Although cooking variations vary based upon the location, traditional Texas style BBQ utilized mesquite wood for a unique flavor profile. Its sauce features a thick tomato base for a unique level of richness.

Hawaiian Barbecue - This is a popular choice for those who desire fish or chicken instead of pork. Meat is often wrapped in ti leaves or taro before cooking. Instead of a thick tomato-based sauce, Hawaiian BBQ utilized a teriyaki sauce sweetened with pineapple.

Once a bbq catering company is selected, comes the conversation about how the meats and other ingredients are purchased. Ideally, the caterer will utilize a bbq wholesale service. Buying meat and other foods at wholesale prices will save a significant amount of money when hosting a large event. Ask a caterer where he purchases his goods. If a wholesaler is not utilized, inquire about their policy of customer-provided foods.

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