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FIFA banned real Madrid atletico Madrid two transfer window

FIFA announced about real Madrid and atletico Madrid youth violation of the results of the two clubs, two Madrid team will be in the next two transfer window signings ban (16 and 17 the summer transfer window and the season before the start of the season in the winter transfer window). Such before the penalty and Barcelona was the penalty of the same. That might mean, the two teams will play in the transfer window opens crazy plan to buy one. In fact, in January 2015, FIFA has been investigating the two giants in Madrid, they think that the two clubs have many violates the provisions of minor player transfers the fifa 17 ultimate coins.

In September 2015, FIFA's disciplinary committee has decided to real Madrid and atletico Madrid for punishment, but by the FIFA secretary general Mr G when the final documents have not signed, the two clubs are not received formal punishment according to the news. Barcelona in the 2015 winter and summer transfer window, because in the transfer of alleged irregularities by fifa 17 ultimate team coins ban on signings, but this year Barcelona team up and down very, scored five, including the champions league and premier league crown, has just been lifted, Barcelona had relief registered 76 new player, I finally breathed a sigh of relief.

For real Madrid and atletico Madrid, the transfer ban is a blow. It is worth mentioning that atletico Madrid sign Xu Xinshi face to face, the Chinese teenager is only 16 years old, according to FIFA rules, the club is not in age in the players under the age of 18, unless there are three kinds of special circumstances, but China is not clearly belong to the three kinds of special cases, so he is considered for the transfer of suspected irregularities, but China is now moving to guangzhou Evergrande, not as ban affect his fifa 17 points account career. In addition to be banned signings, the two teams was fined, real Madrid was fined 360000 Swiss francs, atletico Madrid was fined 900000 Swiss francs.
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