We are in the mid of 2017, and even today, the digital marketers are experiencing one or the other changes in either marketing strategy or in search engine optimization. There are a lot of factors that are affecting online businesses including the way people surf the web. According to the top SEO experts, for the rest of 2017, it is expected that SEO will gain a lot of importance more than anything else as it will continue to help you drive quality traffic to your website and improve the ways of searching on the web. For instance, earlier, people used to search for any place (e.g. restaurant or a pub) in their locality by mentioning the name of the area, like- ‘Pure veg restaurant in Toronto’ but now these searches are modified and people now turn on their location and search for - pure veg restaurants near me. ‘Nearby or near me’ is the new search query and is provides information related to all pure veg restaurants located in or around your area.

Thus, by the above example, we meant that local searches are gaining more popularity and will continue in 2017 as well. Google searches have become more intent and more localised so as to provide its users with local information and also Google wants online businesses to focus on optimizing the on-page or off-page strategies for local SEO services. Here are listed few things to consider while optimizing for local SEO:-

Title tags and meta description still work: The title tags and meta descriptions are the two major factors that describe what your website is all about in brief. The title tags and meta descriptions are the short and concise information that is displayed on the Google search result page. Google has changed its algorithms and resulted in increasing the width of the SERP to 600px, whereas the length of title tags falls between 40 and 50 characters while meta descriptions should be a maximum of 160 characters. The target keyword of your company should be compulsorily mentioned in your title tags and meta descriptions because it’ll help your website to get good rankings in the search engine result pages. Both of these things should be unique, compelling and descriptive because they directly affect your click through rates. Unique descriptions induce visitors to navigate himself through the search results to your website.

Keyword research: Keyword research is an essential measure to be taken at the very beginning of the SEO campaign. Keywords are the major sources to drive plenty of traffic to your website and also high rankings for your web pages. Keywords are those terms and phrases that are used by users to search for anything on the web. Usually, in terms of local businesses, people search the web for, ‘best SEO tips’, ‘optimize content for mobile’ etc. These search phrases are termed as keywords for the information the user is looking for.

Optimize for Google My Business and Bing places: Make proper use of Google My Business or Google Places and Bing Places to list your business including business hours, phone number and directions to your office. These services are absolutely free for everyone to use. The search engine optimization will have an effect of the business listings when a user searches for your services and visit the website using these particular information. Make sure that you use business logo and photos while listing your business on the web using these free tools.
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