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Historically sports jerseys were simply a part of a team's official equipment. Traditionally players' jerseys were plain with long sleeves and were much heavier than the modern jersey. Under criticism it was always argued that the reason for the jersey's lack of appeal was that it was merely part of the team gear with no frills. They were regarded simply as work clothes.

The massive popularity of the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) and the advent of teams' custom jerseys has given team gear a new lease of life and credibility. Team gear has become much more trendy and the humble jersey has transcended its work clothes image to become symbolic of heroism Kendall Lamm Texans Jersey , achievement and team spirit.

For example, National Football League players' jerseys now have shorter sleeves Ka'imi Fairbairn Texans Jersey , more vibrant colors and attractive patterns. Considerable attention is now paid towards the design, appearance and appeal of team gear.

A note about football jerseys:

From 2010 Kendall Langford Texans Jersey , visiting team's jerseys will need to meet a standard criteria. The yoke of the jersey (from the neckline to the seam at mid-chest including the shoulders) and the body (the area below the yoke) will be white and will contain only allowed adornments and accessory patterns:

Stripes: May be placed on the sleeves to a maximum of 1 inch in width.

Border: Maximum of 1 inch in width may be placed around the collar and cuffs.

Side seam: An insert from the underarm's to the top of the pants to a maximum of 4 inches in width.

Also beginning in 2010 the home team jersey will need to meet a standard criteria. The yoke and body of the jersey must not include white except as the number of the jersey, a decorative stripe Lamarr Houston Texans Jersey , a border on the collar or cuff or a side seam.

National Football League fans wearing replica matching jerseys to support their team is not a new occurrence. However, with the positive changes made to team apparel in recent years Jeremy Lane Texans Jersey , a huge number of fans now wear National Football League authentic jerseys both at and away from the footbal venues. Wearing the apparel of their favorite team or player has become an indispensible style statement of all generations. This huge change is the main reason for the increase in the clamor for sports gear generally and football apparel in particular.

Also the immense popularity of football as a major American sport has further enhanced the popularity of the jersey. There are a great many opportunities for football fans to follow their chosen sport. NFL Football, College Football Benardrick McKinney Texans Jersey , NCAA Football and the immensely popular Monday Night Football.

All this has added to the increasing popular demand for team jerseys and team gear. We can see an ever growing army of people of all ages who have a passion for collecting and wearing authenticated game used and replica jerseys of their favorite football, baseball and basketball stars.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- U.S. researchers said Thursday they have discovered a tumor in a 255-million-year-old mammalian ancestor called a gorgonopsian.

The tumor, found in the extinct species's fossilized jaw, is a benign one made up of miniature, tooth-like structures, they reported in the latest issue of Journal of the American Medical Association Oncology.

Known as a compound odontoma, this type of tumor is common to mammals today. Before this discovery, the earliest known evidence of odontomas came from Ice Age-era fossils.

""We think this is by far the oldest known instance of a compound odontoma,"" said senior author Christian Sidor, a University of Washington (UW) professor of biology and curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. ""It would indicate that this is an ancient type of tumor.""

According to the study, gorgonopsians were distant mammal relatives and the top predators the apex predator during its pre-dinosaur era about 255 million years ago. These animals are part of a larger group of animals called synapsids, which includes modern mammals as its only living member.

Sidor and colleagues spotted the tumor when they examined wafer-thin slices of the fossilized gorgonopsian jaw, collected in southern Tanzani, to see how the tooth was nestled within its socket.

They immediately noticed irregular clusters of up to eight tiny, round objects embedded next to the root of a canine tooth. The objects within each cluster resembled small, poorly differentiated teeth, or toothlets, that harbored distinct layers of dentin and enamel.

""At first we didn't know what to make of it,"" said Megan Whitney, lead author and UW biology graduate student. ""But after some investigation we realized this gorgonopsian had what looks like a textbook compound odontoma.""

In humans and other mammals, the tumor's toothlets grow within the gums or other soft tissues of the jaw and can cause pain and swelling, as well as disrupt the position of teeth and other tissues, the researchers said.

Odontomas are considered benign tumors because they do not metastasize and spread throughout the body. But given the disruptions they cause, surgeons often opt to remove them.

""Until now, the earliest known occurrence of this tumor was about one million years ago, in fossil mammals,"" said Judy Skog, program director in the National Science Foundation's Division of Earth Sciences, which funded the research.

""These researchers have found an example in the ancestors of mammals that lived 255 million years ago. The discovery suggests that the suspected cause of an odontoma isn't tied solely to traits in modern species, as had been thought,"" Skog added.


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