TEHRAN Manny Machado Authentic Jersey , Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- Iran's minister of telecommunication and information technology said Sunday that Apple's ban on the Iranian apps will result in the developments of domestic technologies.

Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi described recent decision of Apple Inc to remove Iranian apps from its store in alleged compliance with U.S. economic sanctions as a testimony to Iran's right path and success to develop local start-ups, Tasnim news agency reported.

Azari-Jahromi said when an archenemy like the United States places such embargoes on Iranian technologies, Iran should grow investment on domestic technologies.

What the U.S. company did lately attested to Iran's movement in the right direction, he said, adding that "the United States never imposes sanctions on our weak points Adam Jones Authentic Jersey , but does on our strong points."

On Friday, the Iranian minister said his country would legally sue a recent decision by Apple for removing Iranian apps from its app store.

Apple holds 11 percent share of the Iranian cellphone market, however, it has not observed the Iranian consumer rights, said Azari-Jahromi.

"We will legally sue (the issue of) removing of the apps Jonathan Schoop Authentic Jersey ," he said.

Pursuant to the U.S. sanctions, Apple has no official presence in Iran. Millions of Iranians use iPhones smuggled in from different countries and thousands of apps have been created for Iranians in Apple's app store.

On Thursday, Apple removed Snapp, a ride-hailing app similar to Uber that is popular in Iran, from its app stores. That was followed by the removal in recent weeks of apps for food delivery Cal Ripken Authentic Jersey , shopping and other services.

In a message to Iranian developers whose apps were affected by the ban, Apple said, "under the U.S. sanctions regulations, the app store cannot host, distribute or do business with apps or developers connected to certain U.S. embargoed countries."

In January Brooks Robinson Authentic Jersey , Apple shut down a number of Iran-based IOS apps from the app store, including online e-commerce service Digikala.

"Since Apple takes a cut of all app store purchases, sales from Iranian apps generate revenue and are thus in violation of U.S. law," Apple said.

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