Kid s soccer cannot be compared to competitive soccer. Coaches must be able to make this distinction and adopt their training sessions and routines accordingly. Coaches that are involved with kids should base their training on fun.

Kids Soccer Should be Fun

Young kids play soccer because it s fun. As a coach it s your duty to provide a platform or a training session where the kids can enjoy themselves and inevitably have fun. Treat the young players as kids and not as adults. Keeping training session s fun will guarantee your players returning to soccer week in Alisson Becker Liverpool Shirt , week out. Only by attending training can your players improve and develop. So make sure you provide fun training sessions.

Kids are not little Adults

When coaching kid s soccer don t fall into the trap of thinking your coaching adult professionals. What s written in the soccer coaching manuals will definitely not work in the junior ranks of soccer. You need to differentiate the age groups and skill levels and coach accordingly. Also be prepared for certain kids to get bored and start to cause mischief. This is the nature of Kids Soccer, not all young kids share the same enthusiasm for the sport so you need to make concessions.

Kids Soccer Discipline

If you feel the need to discipline the kids maybe your training sessions are not suitable. As a coach it s your duty to stimulate the kids and keep them interested. If your training sessions don t provide this Sadio Mane Liverpool Shirt , it s time to change your routines and drills. Always keep all the kids involved during a drill or at training. This way you eliminate any chance of kids drifting off and becoming troublesome. If the kids are busy and active it leaves them very little time to get up to mischief.

If you find at training that most of your players are becoming troublesome then this is a good indication that your training sessions are too advanced for your age group. When kids start to find training difficult they will tend to stop and start to play up. So before you discipline any of your players make sure your training sessions are appropriate.

Kids Soccer and the Coach

If you have the responsibility of coaching kid s soccer you must be able to become a role model and start to dress the part. Your image as a coach is extremely important because you need to earn the trust of the parents. Don t panic, this is quite easy to accomplish. A nice Fabinho Liverpool Shirt , clean tracksuit and a pair of boots is all it takes. Also try and keep your appearance neat by grooming your hair and keeping your facial hair neat or shaven.

By looking after your appearance, the parents will see you as being professional and it will be a lot easier to earn their trust. Even if you re the best coach in the world but look unprofessional Pedro Chirivella Liverpool Shirt , the parents will tend to worry about their kids. At the end of the day their kids become your responsibility for the 90 minutes of training or game time. So look the part and set their minds at ease.

So next time you step out to coach kid s soccer make sure you have the ability to influence your players in a positive and fun way. Otherwise you could be wasting your time and need to find another hobby or profession.
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