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Technology is really sexy! For me it's better than a thigh-high split in a skirt."

Stella McCartney may have delivered the line with a laugh while onstage at Vogue's Forces of Fashion conference earlier this month, but one got the sense that she was dead serious. The British designer was onstage speaking about ethical and sustainablefashion, and she quickly drew a connection between treating the planet well and updating the industry's old-fashioned — and incredibly wasteful Cheap Jerseys , toxic and polluting — production methods. To her, incorporating new technology into that equation is an obvious choice.

"The younger generations, this is like a no-brainer for them Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys ," she said. "If you're lucky enough to have a business, I think you have to approach it this way."

McCartney's not the only one looking to Silicon Valley for ideas that could help catapult her company to the cutting edge of both design and environmental preservation efforts. From startups using bacteria to naturally dye fabric to established industry players using chemistry to close the recycling loop, a whole host of new discoveries are cropping up. Read on to learn about some of the most exciting developments that have the potential to change the future of fashion.

To see the negative impacts that fabric dye can have on the planet Wholesale Football Jerseys , one need only look at the rivers in China and Bangladesh that bear the color of next season's clothing due to improper dye disposal. The amount of water waste involved in dyeing is also problematic.

"A cotton T-shirt requires approximately 700 gallons of water to grow, produce and transport, with 20 percent or more of that water used in the dyeing process alone Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys ," explains Natsai Chieza via email.

Chieza is the biodesigner behind Faber Futures and a designer-in-residence at Ginkgo Bioworks, where she is working on a method that uses bacteria-secreted pigments to dye fabric. The technique dramatically reduces water usage, requiring less than seven ounces of water to dye a one-pound piece of silk Wholesale NFL Jerseys , and the pigment itself is naturally and non-toxically created by the bacteria. While there are still obstacles to overcome before the results Chieza is able to achieve in a petri dish will be replicable on a larger scale, the sustainable fashion opportunity is so great that she's confident there will be bacteria-dyed clothing on the market before long.

"Interventions that tackle both water use and chemical use in the textile industry are incredibly rare, so this is an area of development many are watching very closely Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping ," she notes.

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There are so many different Spokane condo developments being erected in Spokane is that sometimes it seems difficult to keep track of what you are really looking for. Here is a simple guide to help you stay focused during your hunt for the perfect condo.


Is a pool important to you? Have you always wanted to have a pool available where you could lounge on a lazy weekend or get some exercise and de-stress after a hard day’s work? If a community pool is important to you, you should mention this to your real estate agent before you start Spokane condo hunting.


Most Spokane condos these days come with a security system. Some condos are located in a gated community with a guard while others are only a building with a locked door at the entrance. There are other forms of security in the range between these two types and if security is one of your main concerns, this is another thing that must be mentioned to your Spokane agent.


Are you looking for a luxury Spokane condo with all the bells and whistles? These types of condos have all sorts of amenities provided and the units are designed to be roomy. The interior of the condo will appear more lavish and everything will be built to higher standards. You will pay a higher price for these types of Spokane condos but if you’re planning on making it a permanent home for quite a few years it may be well worth the cost.


This is the biggest point you are going to have to go over with your Spokane real estate agent. There are certain parts of the city you’ll have to avoid and other areas that will be perfect for you. Your agent can let you know which Spokane condos are the best value for your money right now according to market trends.

While finding the right type of Spokane condo for you can be challenging Wholesale Jerseys From China , you’ll know you’ve found the right one as soon as you walk into it. Everything will feel right and it will just be a matter of going through the logistics to make it your own.

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When a person is learning how to design an office, there are things they need to consider because implementing the design correctly will ensure that you will have an office that is both easy to work in as well as pleasing to the eye.

It stands to reason that there are some things that every home office should have. Let's start with the furniture necessary to run a functional office. One of those things that you should have would be a desk. This way you can stay organized and you have something to work at. You should have a comfortable chair to go with that. Also, you need to have extra lighting so it's suggested that a person have a lamp. Other things you should have are chairs or a sofa for those who might come in to talk to you. Others put in a book case to give them room to store figurines and books.

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