What do you do with junk mail? Are you like me? I toss this stuff without opening it ? unless I see some benefit. Publication editors do the same. They toss news releases that don't demonstrate a benefit to their audience.

What's the difference between a release that gets used and one that hits the editor's circular file? Here are seven easy tips for writing releases that get picked up rather than thrown out.

1. Make sure it's newsworthy. What's newsworthy Zay Jones Shirt , you ask. To be newsworthy your topic needs to be timely, of interest to the publication's audience, benefit-oriented, and substantive (that is, not self-serving Tre'Davious White Shirt , hype or fluff.)

2. Write a powerful headline. The headline is what will pull in the editor or leave herhim cold. Keep it short and descriptive, but make it interesting.

3. Use journalist style. Editors are looking for the facts, not fluff. Be sure to include the essentials: Who, What, When Kelvin Benjamin Shirt , Where, Why and How.

4. Keep it brief. Editors are pressed for time and inundated with releases. Keep yours to one page, 300-800 words. The headline and first two paragraphs are the most important parts of your release.

5. Avoid jargon. Even if you're sending a release on a technical topic to a technical journal, resist the temptation to use acronyms. Spell it out! Use common language. It will make your releases more readable and accessible.

6. Proof it. The accuracy of your release ? including spelling and grammar ? reflects on your company. If you aren't good at proofreading your own stuff, enlist someone else to do it.

7. Include a photo. Okay. This isn't a writing tip Kyle Williams Shirt , but it's good advice anyway. Publications are looking for good quality visuals, so including a photo, illustration, chart or graph (with a caption, please) increases your chance of getting picked up.

Follow these tips to improve your news release writing. But remember that the keys to a successful news release program are a good list of publications and a regular mailing schedule of newsworthy items. Persistence WILL pay off.

Claire can be reached at 763-479-3499 (claire@ ) Free News Articles Home Entertainment Free News Articles 5150 FILMS Tremaine Edmunds Shirt , LLC Showcases Diversity with Fresh and Cutting Edge Screenplays 5150 FILMS, LLC Showcases Diversity with Fresh and Cutting Edge Screenplays
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Get ready and brace yourself for the fast acting and exciting new small film company called 5150 Films LLC based out of Houston, Texas. Frank Shank (ScreenwriterDirector) and Jacqueline Skyler (Executive ProducerSupporting Actor) have teamed up to entertain audiences with their amazing screenplays that span a variety of genres.

Just recently, 5150 Films completed its next action packed masterpiece Josh Allen Shirt , "Hoodfellaz" in 4 days' time and released the trailer to the media last week. The recently formed film company prides itself on their ability to operate efficiently and effectively on their small and conservative budget, while possessing a gold mine of 60 diverse and completed ScreenplaysStories, ten of which are completed feature films.

At this time, they are diligently working to showcase and market their projects at the AFM in Santa Monica, California this November.

As you start to see their work marketed Dawson Knox Shirt , you will quickly see that 5150 Films' strength is deeply rooted in its diverse and very talented crew. Their mission is to make positive change by creating a more diverse market of fresh talent within the film industry.

"We are currently pushing to increase the demand for the very talented African American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern and other wonderful cultures that have amazing talent that have yet to be seen and enjoyed," says Jacqueline Skyler Devin Singletary Shirt , 5150 Executive Producer and Supporting Actor. "For too long this talent has gone unnoticed, and their priority is to introduce a new age and generation of fresh, diverse talent that will not only entertain audiences like never before, but also connect with viewers from all walks of life."

For Jacqueline, her mission is personal. She is working hard for her cause to help improve and enhance the quality of the educational systems in the poor inner cities and communities that the government has seemed to have neglected for so long. Any future earnings she personally makes in this industry Cody Ford Shirt , she will donate a portion for this cause. Her parents gifted her with an education, which she sincerely values and appreciates. Jacqueline believes there is no reason that every child should not be gifted with the same opportunity for a quality education.

Education is the foundation of America and society. That is the message she wants to get across to the media. Keep an eye out for this new company 5150 Films as it has assembled an amazing team to showcase their stories.

Learn more at: http:f5150sstudios.wixsitemoviemaniacs .

Promo for "Hoodfellaz" (YouTube): https:youtu.beTokl899cwAs.

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