These should fall in line with your FIFA Coins characterclass,and should you not have an idea how to allocate points,the game willrecommend settings.After you allocate attribute points,the game will give youthe opportunity to select hero powers.There are passive abilities and activatedabilities attached to the user interface,which in this case is called thePalantir.You can slot five abilities to begin with and more abilities becomeavailable as you level your hero.The Palantircontains all the vital information you will FIFA Coins need to work through the game,including aside from unit and hero information a mini map,objectives andthe like.There aretwo types of objectives,main and bonus.The bonus objectives are optional.The gameplayis excellent,for the most part.While you can fly over areas touched by the fogof war,units will not move directly through it it seems until you actuallymove to it and uncover it.Fortressescan be built.They can allow you to create more builders and a lord (in thetutorial,the particular lord mentioned was Boromir but is he trustworthy? Weall know how that turned out).Commandpoint limit is essentially the number of units you can have.With enough farmsto produce sustainable resources to support an army,and a barracks,you canbuild up your army.You can build a variety of units from warriors to cavalry toarchers.Build an archery range and you can create even more skilled archers andIthilien rangers.What youbuild and where you build can be limited by terrain and enemy units may targetobjects build too far beyond the immediate reach of your units.Speaking of thelatter,they are bolstered by decent AI that will allow them to auto engage theenemy,without having to have each movement directed by the controlling FIFA player.(Be preparedto surrender a healthy chunk of hard drive space.This game eats up about fivegigs for the typical install.
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