YouTube Let's Plays, Twitch streams, and websites like Giant Bomb all have gaming as their nexus. Increasingly, however, personality-driven content has started to dominate as it becomes more and more clear that simply showing a game on screen isn't enough to guarantee views or hits. Cultivating audiences requires another hook to differentiate one person with a capture kit and a knowledge of videoSkyForge games from all the others. If you don't like a particular YouTuber's voice or personality, it's easy to move on to another and still get to see the same game in action. The most popular gaming personalities are entertaining in their own right, usually under some pressure to be entertaining regardless of whatever game SkyForge Credits they're showing off. As a result, the SkyForge games are often incidental, and these channels are effectively comedy routines with gaming as a backdrop. Sometimes for better, often for worse.That's fine and all; I watch one or two outlets on the regular and stream the occasional Dota when I need background noise. Searches for these kinds of videos usually start with the SkyForge game in question, so I doubt there's a huge risk of these personalities overshadowing the content they cover in the long term. But Classic of Game's beauty is in its silence, in that it never feels the need to elicit our reactions for us, or entertain us by turning an odd moment into more of a spectacle than it might otherwise have been. It's content to let the moments speak for themselves. It may not be the first thing you think of when watching it, but Classic of SkyForge games's defining aspect (besides the overwhelming weirdness of it all) is that it knows where and when to throttle. It's surprisingly subtle, in that way.The channel isn't likely to make as big of a splash as the gaming giants of YouTube have the whole idea is perhaps a bit too niche. Without a likable face to back its insanity, it'll be hard to maintain a relationship outside of a small, dedicated audience. And while it's been on a roll over the past week, no one knows when it will stop, and if it does, when and if it'll return.
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