Buy-To-Let.TV Online Community
The Buy-To-Let.TV Online Community is a community of all parties in Buy-To-Let, Landlords, Investors, Services Suppliers, Advisiers etc. The Buy-To-Let.TV Online Community is a proposed co-operation between the Residential Landlords Association and Television.IM, a leading online TV operator.

The Online Community will enable users to access blogs and forums as well as information videos With over 30,000 subscribers, Buy-To-Let.TV provides an excellent platform for the The Buy-To-Let.TV Online Community.Other features of the site include a Messaging service to enable users of the site to be messaged should they accept such a request.

Participation in Buy-To-Let.TV is being offered to Buy-To-Let Services Suppliers who can have a Microsite featuring their products or services created and featured in the site Directory which will be featured in the Navigation Menu on a Regional and Specialist Basis. The Microsite could feature videos of products/services/property offered etc. Please follow the RLA link in the Navigation Menu to see an example of this. Advertisers of products and services would be offered a highly targeted advertising resource and will be invited to place an auction bid for every time their every time their company name with a link to their microsite is seen.

Buy-To-Let.TV allows for an aggregation of videos from different sites thereby providing a centralized video resource. Registered members can submit videos from any of the 50+ supported video sites, including:

Youtube, Google, DailyMotion, Metacafe, MySpace, Veoh,,, Vimeo,,, etc.

A full list of supported sites is available on request. As such there is no need for users of the sites to trawl round many different video sites.

Registered members of the site can upload videos and audio files in the following formats:


Please use the most modern browser you can for optimum performance on this site, as certain features might not work with older browsers.