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Voice and Video Chat

Initiate one-on-one video chat

Select a user you would like to video chat with and click on the webcam icon to send a request.

Wait for user to accept

When the user accepts your request, you will receive a message along with a link to launch the video chat screen.

On launch, you can video chat with the user immediately. No software download required.

Group chat
Create chatrooms. These chatrooms can either be public, password protected or invitation only.

Advanced chat features

Chatrooms allow use of video conference, screensharing, file sharing and a lot more.


- Single Player Games

Over 100+ games to choose from.

- 2 Player Games

Over 25+ multiple player games to choose including Pool, Backgammon, Battleships, Checkers, Chess and Tic Tac Toe.

Mobile Features.

Chat while on the move.


Users can share thoughts by drawing on a collaborative whiteboard.
Users can collaborate together with the help of the writeboard plug in. Users can view and edit documents in real-time. Users can also share files