Equatorial-Guinea.net Travel App
Equatorial Guinea is located in Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometres (11,000 sq miles). There are flights on regular lines from Madrid to Malabo (formerly Santa Isabel) with Iberia and Euroguineana from Frankfurt to Luftansa and from Paris with Air France , and flights to Gabon , Cameroon , Ghana , Mafril Coast , Kenya , Nigeria , Benin and Atlanta USA

Equatorial Guinea boasts a varied and spectacular terrain. Beautiful beaches and coastal plains turn to rolling hills in the interior. Its five islands are home to mountain peaks, volcanoes, and a variety of wildlife. Equatorial Guinea has no shortage of beaches, jungles, and natural sites worth seeing.

The Equatorial-Guinea.net travel app will make travellers lives easier in a number of ways.

It will show videos of attractions and hotels. It is expected to enable travellers to be able to instantly message and chat to hotels, other travellers, tourism agencies, in short, all parties who accept you and can help you have better informed and more enjoyable travel.

Travellers are also expected to be able to access blogs and discussions and information about events, as well as be able to send messages to and receive messages from people and organizations who accept them.