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The public’s knowledge about sex workers is based primarily on media stereotypes, at one extreme, we see sex workers with adorable stories in movies like Leaving Las Vegas, while at the other end we are exposed to images of haggard Streetwalking hookers in black fishnet stockings, knee-length boots involved in drug use. The Cinderella experience of the Julia Roberts character in the “pretty woman” is a far fetched fantasy, a lot of the young streetwalkers are born and raised in an environment of poverty, drugs and violent crimes.

Streetwalking hookers are the commonest and simplest hookers you can find, sex with them is cheap, rapid and impersonal, they want the customer to be quick and leave so that they can hustle for the next customer.

One social scientist defined the streetwalking prostitute as a woman that overtly solicits men on the street and offers sexual favours for a very negotiable fee, streetwalkers can typically be found on busy inner city street corners unlike high-class Prostitutes who operate on the upper end to the world of prostitution, street walkers enjoy few advantages in plying their trade. Street walking sex workers are often young women who negotiate with dates for services on street corners and usually abuse alcohol and or drugs.

Where health checks are not mandatory and no labour laws enforced, the chances of you catching STDs or losing your wallet are high, streetwalking sex workers mostly work at night in secluded areas sometimes called "red light zones". Most of the pimp controlled sex work is streetwalking, even were sex-work is legal streetwalking is not and carries a risk of arrest.

Its unknown just how many women sell sex on the streets in the United States, in New York City alone, there are an estimated 5000-8000 streetwalkers and since April 1989 a mobile van from a private foundation has been contacting working girls throughout the five boroughs to provide HIV testing and counselling and to distribute condoms, bleach kits for cleaning needles, and HIV prevention information. The social dynamics of sex-work render streetwalking sex workers unable at times to meet basic human needs; they are usually vulnerable to violence, and at risk for sexually transmitted diseases, street walkers have the highest rate of HIV infection among all prostitutes. In societies were sex work is legal, there are fewer streetwalkers as it is safer and more comfortable to work in brothels, when brothels are legal, the law requires all the sex workers to have a monthly health checks and the hygiene of the brothel is controlled by health and safety laws.

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