Physician exchanges from one country to another increase these types of communication differences. In a scientific study, interobserver agreement is a primary axiom of rational decisions. It has been demonstrated that the failure to reach agreement among observers is as common among respondents experienced with data interpretation as those who are not.

Both referring and nuclear medicine physicians, as well as other physicians who are implicated in interpreting results of diagnostic tests or who participate in joint decision making, must communicate the information relevant to the decision. An important element of this interaction is how the physician who interpreted the diagnostic tests formulates the data conveyed to the referring physician. We could not assess how these interclinician discrepancies could have modified the management of these patients, because the clinicians had no knowledge of clinical data, laboratory findings, or chest radiographs. Canadian healthcare mall However, it has been demonstrated that there is considerable variation among clinicians as to how these different factors are used in diagnosing pulmonary embolism. Although a recent study demonstrated that improving physicians' knowledge of probabilities may not affect their treatment decisions, our study underscores the necessity of presenting reports in order to minimize uncertainty about the diagnostic categories and the necessity of using probabilities instead of common language.
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