´╗┐Kalocsai's YouTube account also has videos which recreate Grand Theft Auto Vice City and other Rockstar game L.A. Noire on Commodore 64 as well as Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed 2, among others.Rockstar will release a PS4 and Xbox One game before the end of March 2015 according to owner Take Two Interactive and chances seem good for a Grand Theft Auto 5 port but if it's something like Agent (which recently had its trademark renewed), we might just get another nifty video like this one.WildStar Feature Trailer Kicks off the Runescape game's Launch Next Week. Carbine Studios sent us a neat new feature trailer of their upcoming game, WildStar, which launches next week. Runescape players who pre-order the Runescape game can get a head start on Saturday, May 31.The trailer shares how WildStar is a completely new frontier, bringing to Runescape players the best MMO the industry has seen this year. If Runescape players aren't getting what they want in their current game, here's all the reasons why they should try WildStar: Glorious combat that's fast paced and engaging Unparalleled customization from characters, housing, rides and more Housing that's genuinely meaningful A deep and engrossing World Story where things aren't quite as warm and fuzzy as they appearandhellip; Replayable Adventures Fast and furious Arenas Buy Runescape Gold and Battleground Fun, yet brutal and unforgiving Raids and Dungeons Epic battles via WARPLOTSHaving played much of the Runescape game, I can attest to its awesomeness. Be sure to check out the trailer below. Evolve New Hunters and New Gameplay Footage Revealed. 2K Runescape games has released a new trailer for Turtle Rock Studios' cooperative-competitive shooter, Evolve, which showcases the class capabilities of the Runescape game's four newly announced character classes, which brings the total up to 8 Runescape player characters (not including the monster). The video follows the announcement of the Runescape game's release date last week.The video showcases the abilities of Hyde the Assault character, Lazarus the Medic, Maggie the Trapper, and Bucket, who belongs to the Support class, the four new characters. The other characters previously announced include Val, Markov, Griffin, and Hank.Discover how these newly revealed Hunters change the Runescape game in Evolve, with new gameplayfootage and interviews with the developers at Turtle Rock. Watch it below.Evolve will be released globally on October 21 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. the Runescape game is worth paying attention to, as it's from the makers of Left 4 Dead.Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Fanart Shows Possible May Customization.
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