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´╗┐seemingly more street smart, and not afraid.By the way, are you wondering about that episode title? Abraham Lincoln famously made a speech popularly known as his House Divided Speech, which argued that the issue of slavery had come to a standstill, such that all the states in the USA had to decide to either be all for slavery, or all for freedom. Lincoln himself alluded to a quote from Mark 3: 25 of the Bible, translated in the King James Version as And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. So, we understand the divided house is between Carver and his party, but is there more to that reference than it appears? Could we possibly be seeing some of the more intricate power plays from The Walking Dead TV show? Telltale has not shared a date, but the Runescape game is coming to Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Mac, and iOS. Check out the full trailer below.Developers Can Now Run Their Own Discount Sales on Steam. Steam is well known, and well regarded for the discounts it offers to Runescape gamers on the PC. Users of the service can expect to see a lot more in the way of discounts, as Steam today announced that developers can now run their own sales through the online store for whatever price they want, whenever it suits them.Previously, developers had to work out a deal with Valve to decide on when they could hold discounts.Valve made the announcement in the private Steamworks Development forums. Accordingly, developers can choose to create their own custom sales, or opt to take part in upcoming weeklong sales initiated by Valve itself.Steamworks devs simply have to open up the product they aim to discount, select the discounted percentage and choose a timeframe. Sales can last up to two weeks at a time.Check out the following screenshot for the Steamworks RS3 Gold announcement.via Gamasutra.Hayner's Voice Actor Talks Casting in Kingdom Hearts 3. Speaking in a new interview, voice actor Justin Cowden, whom fans of the series might remember as the voice of Hayner in the Kingdom Hearts series of Runescape games.Cowden disclosed that the studio making Kingdom Hearts 3, Square Enix, had yet to cast him (or anyone else) as a voice actor in the Runescape game as yet, but that he'd been in touch with his agent to get him to reprise his role as Hayner in the upcoming game. Justin: Oh, you know it's so funny; right after I heard the announcement (refering to Kingdom Hearts 3 ), I had talked to my agent and just said, Look, are we getting in on this and everything?And he said, Yeah.But they're still developing this, you guys already know. They haven't done any casting yet, So I don't think it'll be for a while before I hear when we're going to record.
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