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You can send in your body or in the city, while in the Great Rift just the last checkpoint. Remember that if you die in the Great Rift gross nature, that death is permanent. You can not use Runescape banners player or immediate option if the goal is RuneScape player in the Great Rift. The highest levels of major defections will continue to be difficult. The difficulty with this is difficult to separate from the standard conditions (MS, torture I-VI, etc.) If you complete the Great Rift before the time will advance to the next level of difficulty. This should be the time of others as well, so you can skip some levels! If instead the time is over, you have reached the end of your current trip and the Great Rift better your results will be disseminated to the fact Leaderboards.Legendary GemsThe applicable in this matter is that the major defections are offer a great challenge for the players scene. To reward Runescape players to complete this challenge, Blizzard is introducing a new legendary Gems.They currently not available on the PTR, but once they are, they have been upgraded without borders, and the provision of mythical powers, especially when socketed into the appropriate slot gear. It can only be slotted into rings, amulets, and can even be upgraded by completing additional major defections. And put the increase in major rift, will be upgraded more likely to have a jewel successful. Bad.Nephalem no mercy ChangesRegular Nephalem defections are getting some changes that will come to them in the next update. It is worth mentioning, the achievement of creeps on the basis of the difficulty of the monsters bar so you do not end up skipping difficult monster in favor of killing the weak. Also, a snowstorm was adjusted mechanism access to all divisions. RuneScape players need to have a part to enter the Rift Rift Nephalem. To compensate for this, Blizzard and lowering the cost of entry to crack down on one side of character.The serious rift forward community affected by this change, because it would make it impossible for Runescape players mercilessly fragment ma Access Nephalem changes Rifts.Combat - SurvivabilityBlizzard skills and listened to complaints about the basic laws of skills, that affect both the monk and demon fishermen two characters with the least amount of survival. So instead of getting a chance to dodge per point of skills and personalities who use the Constitution will earn one point apart instead. In addition, current liabilities, which gives 30% of capacity as a shield (take the initiative and awareness) to be fully redesigned.Combat changes - HealingAt present, healing gear is not very important because it is not a good measure of the level and the difficulty of the game, especially since you receive the most healing of the ball Health.
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