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Vascular interventional radiology is performed in our center by seven different radiologists. Every day, one of these seven physicians is on duty and may thus be called to perform BAE if necessary. Since some of these seven radiologists have moved to other institutions and have been replaced by others, 18 different angiographers have performed BAE during the study period. Concerning the expertise of the angiographers, they are asked to have a regular experience of vascular interventional radiology for at least 2 years before being accepted on the duty list. Despite these minimal criteria, the expertise and the skill of the different angiographers are obviously different.

Analysis of Outcome

Several aspects of outcome were analyzed retrospectively: immediate control of bleeding, recurrence of hemoptysis within the first month after BAE, recurrence of hemoptysis between 30 and 90 days after BAE, recurrence of bleeding beyond 3 months after BAE, and morbidity of the procedure. After the procedure, all patients were followed up at our center, with the exception of those who were operated on or who were unavailable for follow-up. The outcome of BAE was investigated from inpatient and outpatient medical records or, if needed, after direct contact with the patient or his physician, when the outpatient follow-up had ceased.
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