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Per PFF, Indianapolis gets the 7th ranked O-Line in the league (ranked 3rd by Establish the Run) compared to Establish Run ranking Jacksonville's O-Line as 19th best, and PFF ranking them 22nd.

Both are fairly similar stat-wise, Robinson gets the tip (for me personally ) due to his standing as an UDFA and having the season he did.

I might have moved back and revised my LG rankings, certainly had a down season for him but still plays just like one of the greatest LG's in the league despite that actuality. Elgton still trumps him marginally -'d love for him to find a card.

As a Broncos fan, the growth of Garrett Bolles this year is Mut 21 coins inspirational considering his history in the league up to now.

I get folks want to see a person new win awards rather than the same player repeatedly.

Watt definitely a fantastic player and if it wasnt for maybe a top 5 player of all time regardless of standing in donald he'd be dpoy.

Thanks! It's my first time doing something like that and is something that I enjoy doing in my spare time words of encouragement are extremely valued.

Yeahh, I discovered that with cheap Madden 21 coins his Madden cards despite enjoying IDL and being recorded at DT on PFR he's called a RE, technically not wrong but it's more to do with defensive strategies (but hey, Donald can also be recorded at DT and I still have him at RE haha) Wish scheme-positions were a thing on Madden however EA don't seem to want to add them in.
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