The demand for home science courses is increasing with developing lifestyle A.J. Green Jersey , diet, and health. Needless to say, this course is generally offered to girl rather than boys. Home science includes everything that is concerned with the home, person Andy Dalton Jersey , family members, and domestic resources. Home science essentially deals with different aspects of housekeeping. The courses in home science provide the education for better living in a family environment. In addition, it helps person to get maximum satisfaction through the efficient use of available resources. These courses give all the knowledge about the scientific procedures involved in making a perfect home.

Home science courses are domestic skill oriented courses which offer useful inputs in housekeeping, cooking Mark Walton Jersey , child nurturing, home decoration, clothes stitching, etc. With the changing scenario Malik Jefferson Jersey , most women work outside their homes. Home science course helps in managing both household chores and professional life. This educates a woman to make a perfect balance between the two different spheres of her life. Home science is the study required to develop a family life within a changing society by using scientific methods. The subject in home science course may include hygiene, community living, clothing, food and nutrition Sam Hubbard Jersey , and home management, etc.

In current scenario, Home Science is gaining popularity among students due to its relevance in industries like food preservation and training, clothing and textiles and interior decoration etc. More colleges and universities are getting encouragement to start various bachelor’s degree Jessie Bates III Jersey , master and diploma courses in this field. Students can take up Home Science as part of their class XII curriculum. However, for taking up home science as a subject at B.Sc. level a student need to pass the 10+2 exam preferably with science subjects and at least 50% marks. You can also go for a P.G diploma in Home science after completing your graduation from a recognized university. If you wish to pursue a master course after B.Sc, you can apply for M.Sc. and further Ph.d. Career in Home science have a wide range of fields like production jobs, research jobs Billy Price Jersey , sales jobs, service jobs, teaching jobs, and technical jobs. This covers food preservation Michael Jordan Jersey , dress-making, specialized cooking, textiles, etc.One may also work as a researcher in R&D labs on food preservation. The salary of a Food Technologist in a food services department or industry is good. Dieticians can also earn enough money depending on their practice. Sales promotion companies involved in baby foods Renell Wren Jersey , readymade foodstuffs and food products also employ home science graduates. Manufacturing companies also hire home science graduates as a research assistant. Graduates having interests in catering, teaching and research field can earn good income. Food technologists working in food service department is comparatively more. Dietetics & nutrition professionals’ income depends upon their job and area of work.

Home Science courses can also provide you with teaching jobs to run hobbies or few areas of home science. Self-employment is the best option for females .You can open up a preschool or crech for childcare.
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