In an article by Ken Futernick ( ) Albert Pujols Jersey , he states that most of us would not dream to have surgery performed on us by an unlicensed practitioner, (in which he states it is mostly impossible since it is a crime) but we accept education from teachers who have (in his own words) “virtually no professional training Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Hats , no classroom experience, and little or no knowledge of the subjects they will be asked to teach”.

Although teaching the guitar is not a high-school or further education subject Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim T-Shirts , I wholeheartedly agree with Ken’s article and in terms of guitar tuition it certainly applies. I would proudly bet that more than 90% of all “guitar teachers” do not have a complete grasp of their instruments and how to teach it. This leaves you (the student) in a black hole, receiving education from a teacher who is feeding you lousy techniques and habits on a weekly basis.

Although most guitar teachers have impressive “music credentials” Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Hoodie , they will still teach you bad habits. While there are certainly value in credentials, they are in my opinion vastly overrated. The fact is Customized Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Jersey , anyone can pass a music university exam with imperfect guitar tone, terrible technique and a deep Cheap Los Angeles Angels Jersey , fundamental misunderstanding of music theory. Most guitarist who graduate yearly fall in this category. Fortunately there is always a diamond in the rough. In fact, some of the greatest musicians were drop-outs. Think Bill Evans Yunel Escobar Angels Jersey , Miles Davis, Chick Corea and others.

by Federico Grandesso

VENICE, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) -- "A few years ago, I heard about a Russian countess who was hiding some Jewish children and then she was beheaded in Berlin," said Russian director Andrey Konchalovsky awarded silver lion ex-equo for best director at the Venice Film Festival 2016.

"Then I thought it was interesting to have a talking head because it becomes almost like a novel, then there is nothing more interesting then the human face if the person is not acting," Konchalovsky told Xinhua in an interview here on his film Paradise in competition at the film festival.

"Then if the person is lying it is also interesting," he added.

The Russian maestro won in the lagoon city the same prize just two years ago with "The Postman's White Nights", he was then screenwriter golden lion winner Ivan's Childhood in 1962. The film is mixing the journey of three different characters during the nazi-occupation talking about their human opposite experiences and motivation to cope with the horror of the conflict.

Questioned about the film process the Russian maestro explained that in general it takes years and the ideas can come from facts and from other directions creating slowly an amalgam of thoughts when all of a sudden you see the whole film in three seconds in your head.

He continued "After that, you spend six months to decide about what you have seen and a year to make the film holding in mind that precious three seconds, then he story is not important while the story teller is crucial."

Konchalovky explained that the characters were not acting but they were sharing some "imaginative" biography, what they say is not learned or studied, it is a fixation of an existence and not of way to say a monologue on camera.

"All of them got between five and 10 books to read about Auschwitz, the war, immigration and police then they came to the 'examination' and I started make questions. During the process I didn't take control on what they said but only a when I was cutting what they said," the director underlined.

Asked about why he shoot in black and white, the director stressed, "I think that 300 very thin Jewish people in a pyjama shot in color it looks like the opera of Giuseppe Verdi called 'Nabucco', it is terrible, it's the banalization of holocaust and of concentration camps."

"This film is about the nature of evil, then evil is around us, sometimes we love people doing terrible things and then we just suffer," the director said.

Konchalovky then expressed his opinion about the current conformism in cinema, he said " When I was a young filmmaker, I thought my shots were really good then after putting everything together I was not convinced. Now I'm more experienced to shoot a perfect film but it becomes very boring to me also because this sort of 'Hollywood bible' on how to shoot a film; this is the languages that everyone choose like the chewing gum."

"The result now is that in American movies the shot are very shorts because U.S. film making is action, they are short because every shot means anything except action," the director said.

About film tastes nowadays, Konchalovsky thinks art is for children in a good sense, a little boy just simply likes or dislikes a movie then there are children able to read and others only chew pop corns.

Films are not science but only pieces of emotions and it is difficult to evoke emotions, "I make a film I like but for me the challenge is that also you like it," he said.

The Russian maestro thinks then we didn't learn anything from the tragic history from the past.

"Bombing Libya, Iraq and Serbia for the sake of democracy and human rights it is very appalling," said the director.

Disclosing about his future plans, "I'm working on a movie about Michelangelo in Italy and I will take actors from the street," the director said.

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