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Television.IM is the sister site of Messaging.IM combining online videos with a Messaging Resorce.

This makes for a powerful combination.

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Welcome to the Genealogy Centre. IM also stands for Instant Messaging, and at Genealogy.Centre.IM, there are tools to help you instantly message members of your family tree, no matter where they are in the world.

By following the links on this page and in the navigational bar, you can access free web sites that provide valuable tools, guides and access to databases that are overflowing with historic data .

These sites include sites that provide Lots of Links to Valuable Resources, offer A Great Mix of Research Resources, the UK and US National Archives, and the US and the World GenWeb Projects

You’ll find expert researchers in just about every country from all around the world, and the best research available that brings all of these global enthusiasts together is the World GenWeb Project. This resource provides researchers with a safe place where they can focus on valuable and useful resources to conduct their research. Click on the country of your choice and eventually you can drill down to the specific community, and related free genealogy websites where you can find other free ancestry search tools to hunt for more ancestral information. The US Genweb project does the same thing for the US only.

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